Lanky babe Melissa Tongue removes her black dress and underwear outdoors

I love me a tall, lanky and skinny babe. Not all the time but sometimes. I’m normally in to petite girls like this horny gamer girl but sometimes I just want to fuck a girl who’s a foot taller then me, to bend her lanky legs allĀ  the way back to her ears and pound that bony ass and when I’m in this mood I turn to Melissa Tongue because she’s just so frigging sexy and got this erotic sex look about her.

In this gallery Melissa Tongue a British girl by the way is as hot as she ever is wearing a little black dress and pretty panties. No shoes, she’s barefoot and lets be honest barefoot is best. After some clothed photos it’s time for Melissa to undress. First removing her black dress so you get to see just how tall and long her legs are and then she removes her panties and bra. Her tits are tiny as well as her ass but both are still sexy. She also has a beautiful shaved pussy, standing in the doorway nude you can see her meaty labia hanging and it just looks so fucking edible. Imagine her squatting down, hovering that meaty labia – moist and wet – over your face just within reach of your tongue!

Gallery from: Breath Takers

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