Dannell Norfolk nude wearing just white socks shows her pussy and ass

Blonde Danell Norfolk is stunningly gorgeous. Clad in a red nightgown, white thong and white socks, she sits seductively and playfully on the carpet as if about to do something unexpected. She has long lovely hair which she strokes as she shows off her colored nails. She lets the hair cover part of her face and she opens her mouth slightly to reveal the luscious lips she has as well as her white teeth. She ditches the nightgown for a white top which she wears in an effort to reveal her flat tummy. She also has a belly ring which makes it a big turn on.

As she stands up to wear the top, her figure as well as her thong are clearly visible. The resultant image is not only inviting, but also a huge turn on. She lies down on the carpet while showing her thong which she pushes down slightly. She then pushes her top up slightly to show some under-boob. She smiles naughtily fully aware of what she is doing and with her front turned away from the camera, she lets everyone feast on all of her back. She even tiptoes to make her ass tighter.

Gallery from: Zishy

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